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That’s the beauty of using blocks. See exactly how your site will look in real time, even as you add, edit, and rearrange your content. Create any kind of custom site with intuitive editing, flexible design tools, and powerful features to manage it all.

Design anything you imagine. Start with a blank canvas or choose from a wide variety of themes and patterns. Customize every detail, from color and fonts to layouts and functionality.

Make WordPress do whatever you need it to. Add a store, mailing list, portfolio, social feed, analytics; you’re in control with over 55,000 plugins.

Your content, your design, and your data always belong to you. With WordPress you’re free to tell your story, grow your brand, or simply be yourself.

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Global creative agencies, local businesses, and even your neighbor’s personal blog are already using WordPress.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional developer, or first-time blogger, there’s a library of resources and learning tools ready for you. Plus, you have the whole WordPress community in your corner.

Behind the technology is a diverse collective of people, collaborating from around the world. We’re united by the spirit of open source, and the freedom to build, transform, and share without barriers. 

From writing code and testing, to community outreach and translation, there are so many ways to contribute and everyone is welcome. Let’s shape the future of the web together. 

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